Russian Experts Gave Recommendations On Choosing Best Sweet Cherries

According to the experts of the Russian Quality System (Roskachestvo), to choose a delicious and ripe sweet cherry, several main rules should be followed, RIA News reports. 

First of all, check if there are petioles and pay attention to their colour. They dry first during storage, changing colour from green to brown. The browned and dried petioles indicate that cherry has been stored already for a long time and will no longer be healthy and juicy.

The experts noted that different colour of the fruits in one box means that either the cherries were collected inaccurately (combining the unripe fruits with the ripened ones), or different varieties are mixed in the batch, so the individual berries may have different tastes and will behave differently during storage.

Fruits should not be damaged, beaten, wrinkled, dried, wet, or rotting, even if there are only a few such berries in the basket. Keep cherries in the refrigerator, avoiding excess moisture, and wash them with warm water right before you eat them.

Ru-Main, 19.06.2020

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