Russian Experts Named Top 5 Creative Ways to Make Marriage Proposal

The top 5 of the most creative ways to make a marriage proposal to a beloved woman were selected by the New Inform portal. 

Улан-удэнец позвал девушку замуж с помощью баннера | Байкал Daily - Новости Бурятии и Улан-Удэ в реальном времени
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One of the creative ways will be the opportunity to ask a woman an important question using a billboard or other advertising poster. It should be installed where a woman will definitely see it, for example, opposite the windows of her house or office.

The portal’s experts believe that an amazing surprise will be if you ask a girl to turn on the radio at a certain time, without explaining to her why. At this moment, a man must call the radio station and make a live proposal to his beloved one, and then order a song that is meaningful to them both.

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For lovers of romantic melodramas, a flash mob is suitable, which can be arranged right during a date. To do this, you need to ask a group of people to hand the girl flowers, for example, one rose at a time until the whole bouquet is in her hands. And finally, a man with a rose of a different colour should do a proposal.

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For girls who love sweets, cookies that contain secret predictions will be a great choice. One of them should include a note with a proposal.

Finally, you can ask your loved one to become a wife in a restaurant, where a menu with an important question is pre-printed. A waiter will give a girl her version of the list with the names of the dishes, among which there will be a proposal.

Ru-Main, 12.03.2021 

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