Russian Experts Named Top Cat Food Brands

The Russian quality experts (Roskachestvo) tested dry cat food brands Royal Canin, Acana, Whiskas, Sanabelle, Hills Science Plan, Kitekat, Brit Care, and others. The specialists established the presence or absence of toxic elements in the dry food, GMOs, infectious agents, and also checked the nutritional value of the products, the reliability of its labelling, and the clarification of composition.  

It is noted that there were studied the products at a price of 19–130 rubles per pack. According to the results of a study, the Acana trademark was recognized as the best one. Hills Science Plan and Sanabelle also proved to be of high quality. The products of the brands Royal Canin, Kitekat, Brit Care, and Whiskas showed worse results.

The experts’ main complaint about products that did not pass the tests is the lack of reliable labelling. It is also specified that in all feeds, experts found small deviations from the provisions of veterinary rules and standards for the content of trace elements. All products have been found to contain non-hazardous antibiotics and pesticides.

Ru-Main, 21.07.2020 

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