Russian Experts Named Top In-Demand Professions 2021

Medical workers, IT specialists, and salespeople are expected to become the most demanded professions in Russia in 2021, according to the experts of the and SberIndex services. Also, in high demand will be representatives of mass specialities, such as drivers, sellers, pickers, couriers, assemblers, and logisticians.  

According to the experts, one of the main trends in the coming years will be the readiness of an employee to lifelong learning. Adaptability and flexibility will also be important skills for workers. Specialists of the services stressed that two more factors will be important when choosing an employee next year. These are computer literacy and knowledge of the basics of cybersecurity.

The study also showed that 20% of respondents provide private services, and for the majority, this is part-time work in addition to their main employment. It is specified that more and more candidates are looking for work with a free schedule in order to be able to take third-party orders (23% more than in 2019).

To maintain employee loyalty, employers are advised to allow employees to be involved in a creative process of work, focus more on free training and corporate culture. These actions will have a positive impact on the employer’s brand reputation and, as a result, will save on hiring new employees.

Ru-Main, 22.12.2020

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