Russian Experts Named Veal Sausage Best Brand

The experts of the Russian non-governmental project in the field of quality control and safety of goods and services (Roskontrol) analyzed the quality of the veal sausage products. Experts investigated such brands as “Velkom”, “Klinsky”, “Myasnitsky Ryad”, “Rublevsky”, “Borodin’s Meat House”, and “Okraina”.  

Picture: Ochakovo Meat Processing Plant Website

It turned out that the samples “Rublevsky” and “Borodin’s Meat House” exceeded the norms for microbiological indicators, which violates safety requirements. The excess was also recorded in the sausage “Myasnitsky Ryad”, but the experts assumed that it could be explained by improper storage of the product in a store.

Also in the products of the brands “Velkom”, “Rublevsky”, “Okraina”, “Borodin’s Meat House”, and “Myasnitsky Ryad”, the components were found that were indicated in the composition, although they should not be included in the list. As a result, the experts recommended buying only sausages of the “Klinsky” brand.

Ru-Main, 18.11.2020 

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