Russian Experts Note: Many Foreigners Tend to Learn Russian

On average, approximately 125 million people abroad expressed wish to learn Russian, RIA News reports with reference to the Head of Commonwealth of Independent States Federal Agency (Rossotrudnichestvo) Eleonora Mitrofanova. 

According to Mitrofanova, one of the priorities of Rossotrudnichestvo is the popularization of the Russian language abroad. She explained that the need for learning the Russian language is up to 100 million people in the CIS countries. There are about 3 million such people in Europe, approximately 2.5 million people want to learn Russian in China, 1.5-2 million foreigners in Africa, North and Latin America also want to learn the language. It is also noted that about 18,000 people become students of Russian language courses at 66 agencies of the agency in 57 countries every year.

Ru-Main, 07.06.2020

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