Russian Experts Reveal Money Transfer Secrets

The Bank of Russia has launched a quick payment system more than a year ago. With its help it is possible to transfer up to 100,000 rubles a month free of charge, knowing only the telephone number of a recipient. All the largest banks of the country are already connected to it, RIA News reported. 

It is noted that since June 14, 2020, a ban on bank roaming has been in force in Russia, according to which banks cannot charge a fee for inter-regional money transfers within one credit organization. If a payer and a recipient live in different countries, they can use card-to-card transfers. For this, it is necessary to know only the card number of a recipient. The commission depends on the bank to whose card the transfer is made.

Most banks in Russia can send a transfer to a client of the same bank for free. To save money on transfers to a client of another bank, a person should make a transfer from account to account at the details. This can be done at most mobile and online banks. It is also specified that in the VKontakte social network, sending from Mastercard and Maestro card the amount of money from 300 to 75,000 rubles a month can be done without any commission; receiving a transfer is completely free.

Ru-Main, 08.07.2020

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