Russian Experts Studied Gender Differences in Purchasing Behaviour

Experts of the ‘Romir‘ Research Centre studied the consumer activity of Russians over the past year and prepared a comparative analysis of the purchasing behaviour of men and women. 

According to the results of the study, almost all Russian women were going to the stores and purchased FMCG products over the past year. On the contrary, among men, there is a significant percentage of those who did not make any purchase of goods in this category (28 per cent). Moreover, among those women and men who usually go to shops, women do it twice as often as men.

However, when a man goes shopping, he does purchases more thoroughly, that is why the average bill for men is slightly higher (548 rubles versus 503 for women). At the same time, it is not surprising that the average monthly number of stores visited by women is one and a half times higher (4.6 versus 3.1 for men).

Picture: Romir Research Holding Official Website

In addition, the specialists found out that men and women in Russia have the same share of purchases made for themselves and their families. And even though women do shopping more often, men, when they go shopping, are more likely to buy groceries for everyone.

Ru-Main, 09.03.2021 

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