Russians Told Why They Love Their Jobs

Job search service and Viber messenger have found out what people in Russia value their work for. The results of the study showed that in their work, residents of Russia most of all value a friendly team (40 per cent), a convenient schedule (39 per cent), and company stability (31 per cent). 

Another 29 per cent of respondents noted that they love their job for a good salary, and 28 per cent of the survey participants named comfortable working conditions and convenient location of a company. Also, 21 per cent of respondents appreciate the compliance of the position with actual duties, good bosses (19 per cent), social package, and non-material bonuses for employees (12 per cent).

In the first place in the rating of ideal work characteristics was a high salary (72 per cent). The second place was taken by stability (68 per cent) and the third by a good team (55 per cent). The survey participants consider comfortable working conditions (53 per cent) and an experienced leader (44 per cent) also quite important for a dream job. To date, all these criteria already coincide for 24 per cent of the study participants.

Of those who do not consider their work to be ideal, the majority (84 per cent) would like to receive a higher salary. In turn, 27 per cent of respondents mentioned the importance of the social package, 25 per cent expressed a desire to change directors, another 24 per cent would like to switch to a freer work schedule, and 20 per cent expect improved relations within a team. In addition, 18 per cent of survey participants would like to work remotely, while 12 per cent of respondents dream of a more comfortable office, and 5 per cent of respondents would like to change the dress code in a company.

Ru-Main, 16.04.2021 

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