Russian FC Zenit Entered Top 20 World’s Clubs by Revenue in 2020/21

The football club from St. Petersburg, Zenit, took 19th place in the list of football clubs in the world in terms of revenue in the 2020 season, thus it entered the top twenty, according to the Deloitte audit and consulting company.  

Picture: Sport-Express

According to the report of Deloitte, the total amount of Zenit’s income in the reporting period amounted to 212 million euros. Including 161 million in revenue from commercial activities. The rating is headed by English Manchester City, with a total income of 644.9 million euros.

The top ten also included Spanish Real Madrid (640.7 million), German Bayern Munich (611.4 million), Spanish Barcelona (582.1 million), English Manchester United (558 million), French Paris Saint-Germain (556.2 million), English Liverpool (550.4 million) and Chelsea (493.1 million), Italian Juventus (433.5 million), and English Tottenham (406.2 million).

Ru-Main, 22.03.2022 
Source: Interfax 

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