Russian Female Convicts Compete for Famous Painting Best Parody

The Izoizolyatsia-3 (“ArtIsolation-3”) art contest was held in correctional colony number two of the Nizhny Novgorod region. The convicted women recreated images from paintings by famous artists, including the Renaissance epoch, as reported by the press service of the regional department of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia.  

Picture: “Girl with a Pearl Earring” by J. Vermeer

It is noted that during the contest, convicts could choose a model, use costumes and make-up, as well as independently select all the props.

Picture: “Portrait of Anna Akhmatova” by N. Altman

This year, the contestants recreated such paintings as “Portrait of a Young Man” by Sandro Botticelli, “La Donna Velata” (“The Woman With the Veil”) by Raphael, “Girl With the Pearl Earring” by Jan Vermeer, “Portrait of Anna Akhmatova” by Nathan Altman and others.

Picture: “Dance in the City” by P. Renoir

As reminded, the photo contest has been held in the colony since 2020. During this time, the convicts managed to reconstruct dozens of famous paintings.

Picture: “Portrait of a Young Man” by S. Botticelli

Ru-Main, 14.01.2022 
Source: Snob.

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