Russian Film Selected for American Festival

The documentary film of the Gorky Film Studio about the Krasnoyarsk microsurgeon “Return My Hands” directed by Konstantin Selin was included in the programme of the independent film festival in Philadelphia which will be held there in May 2021, TASS reports with reference to the studio’s press service. The film is also included in the international director’s show ‘The Documentary Filmmaker Showcase’, the winners of which will be shown in London cinemas.   

Picture: Russian Films Website

“Our film is humane and incredibly relevant. Today, when the work of doctors was in sight, people began to take an interest in the selfless work of doctors, their daily life in such a difficult profession, to appreciate their efforts more. We are glad to present the picture at the American festival of independent films. The film will be definitely liked not only by viewers in the USA but also in other countries of the world,” the Director General of the studio’s production centre, Hasmik Movsisyan, said.

The film tells about the microsurgeon Vadim Keosyan, an honoured doctor of the Russian Federation, who specializes in replantation of traumatically separated segments of the upper extremities. Viewers will be able to see from the inside the world of Russian medicine and microsurgery, as well as follow the drama of an individual who becomes a patient after an accident. Previously, the film became a laureate of the non-fiction film programme at the Russian festival “Window to Europe”.

Ru-Main, 18.04.2021 

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