Russian Former Geologist Became Model at 80

The Russian pensioner who has never worked in the modelling business became a fashion model at the age of 80 and became famous on the Internet, according to the Good News portal. 

A resident of the city of Korkino, Klavdia Konradi, said that before the retirement she worked as a mine geologist and now she is engaged in a vegetable garden, listens to audiobooks and reads poetry. In addition, she goes to theatres, museums and walks around the city. According to the pensioner, two weeks ago, her granddaughter Ekaterina invited her to take part in a photo session. The elderly woman agreed and came for this to Chelyabinsk.

“I wanted to show that not all grandmothers stay at home and knit socks, you can live differently on retirement,” Konradi said.

During the shooting, the pensioner was captured on the streets of the city in various outfits. Despite the difficulties during the shooting, the elderly model worked with no break and managed to change about five different outfits. After the photos were published on social networks, the woman began to receive offers from journalists about interviews. Then her granddaughter decided to create a portfolio and send the pictures to various modelling agencies and fashion magazines. Klavdia hopes that a career as a model will help her to earn money for travelling.

Ru-Main, 21.04.2021, Pictures: Klava’s Instagram-Page  

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