Russian Freestyle Skier Won Olympic Bronze

Russian freestyle skier Sergey Ridzik took third place in the ski cross-discipline at the Olympic Games in Beijing. 

Picture: NewDay

The first place in the final race was taken by Swiss Ryan Regez. His compatriot Alex Fiva finished second. The representatives of the Russian national team Kirill Sysoev finished at the 1/8 finals stage and Igor Omelin in the quarterfinals.

The Russian national team currently ranks ninth in the Olympic medal standings with 5 gold, 9 silver and 13 bronze medals. According to the total number of awards, the Russians take second place, having won 27 medals and second only to the Norwegians (31).

The Norwegian national team remains the leader of the standings (14-8-9), the Germans take second place (10-7-5), the Americans take third (8-8-5).

Ru-Main, 18.02.2022 

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