Russian Fresh Remake of ‘Cheburashka’ Story Exceeded 3 Billion Rubles in Country’s Cinemas

The box office of the full-length film “Cheburashka” in Russia exceeded three billion rubles, as evidenced by the data of the EAIS (the unified register of the movie screenings in Russian cinemas). 

The project directed by Dmitry Dyachenko, released on January 1, 2023, became the second highest-grossing film in Russia after the picture “Kholop” (“The Slave”), which collected 3.8 billion rubles for the entire period.

Picture: Screenshot of the Website of Russia’s United System of Monitoring Cinemas Operation

The plot of “Cheburashka” is based on the story of an “animal unknown to science” who got into a seaside town in Russia and met the gardener Uncle Gena (this role was played by Sergey Garmash). Elena Yakovleva, Fyodor Dobronravov, and Artem Bystrov also took part in the film. The main character was voiced by Russian actress Olga Kuzmina.

Initially, Cheburashka, also known as Topple in earlier English translations, is a fictional character created by Soviet writer Eduard Uspensky in his 1965 children’s book Gena the Crocodile and His Friends.

Picture: Screenshot of an old version of the cartoon

Ru-Main, 09.01.2023
Source: Lenta 

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