Russian Government Increased Cosmonauts’ Salaries to 500,000 Rubles

The salary of cosmonaut candidates after the increase will reach on average almost 300 thousand rubles a month and experienced employees will receive more than half a million rubles, RIA News reports with reference to the Head of the Human Resources and Social Policy Department of Roscosmos Vladimir Matveychuk.  

Picture: St. Petersburg Regional Website

“The President announced a significant increase in salaries. This is especially true for cosmonaut candidates: the increase for them will be by 70%, a little less than 300 thousand rubles per month. For those who flew, a 50% increase – their salary is a little more than 500 thousand rubles on average,” Matveychuk explained.

Experts calculated that a first-class cosmonaut instructor who made a flight, taking into account monthly bonuses and incentive payments, as well as bonuses for the period of service and class, can receive about 300 thousand rubles, without taking into account payments for the title of Hero of Russia and other state awards.

Earlier, cosmonaut Sergey Kud-Sverchkov said that those who are preparing to join the detachment receive up to 100 thousand rubles a month, and those with flight experience could get over 200 thousand rubles.

Ru-Main, 15.04.2021 

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