Russian Government to Develop Cashback Project for Children’s Camps

The Cabinet of Ministers of the Russian Federation has worked out measures from the message of the President of the country to the Federal Assembly to return to parents 50 per cent of the cost of vouchers to a children’s camp. The Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Chernyshenko, noted that parents of 357 thousand children will be able to receive such compensation, for which 5 billion rubles will be allocated. 

“We have worked out the implementation of the president’s decisions in three areas, which were voiced in the message. This is the return to parents of half the cost of the children’s voucher, the encouragement of young people participating in various projects, and the extension of the programme to return 20 per cent of the cost of tourist trips until the end of the year,” Chernyshenko said.

According to Chernyshenko, with the return of 50 per cent of the cost of a ticket to a summer camp for a child, the Cabinet of Ministers will use the current mechanism of the programme to stimulate available domestic tourist trips. The offers will be available from the second half of May 2021, RIA News reports.

It is explained that parents or their representatives will be able to purchase vouchers to a children’s camp by bank transfer and receive 50 per cent of their cost through the Mir payment system. Chernyshenko added that the relevant regulations will be submitted to the government in the near future.

Ru-Main, 27.04.2021 

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