Russian Gymnasts First Time Won Team All-Around at Olympic Games

The Russian women’s national artistic gymnastics team won in the team all-around at the Olympic Games for the first time, TASS reports. The team included Lilia Akhaimova, Viktoria Listunova, Angelina Melnikova, and Vladislava Urazova. Russian sportswomen scored 169.528 points in total for four types of programmes. 

Picture: Reuters

It is noted that in the medal standings of the Olympic Games, the Russian team is in fourth place, having seven gold, seven silver, and four bronze medals. The Japanese team is in the lead (10-3-5), the Americans are the second (9-8-8), and the Chinese are the third (9-5-7).

It is also specified that the Russians won silver medals in 1996, 2000, 2012, and 2016, and at the 2004 Olympics, Russian athletes became the third. Soviet gymnasts from 1952 to 1980 won the team all-around at the Olympics, the USSR national team missed the 1984 Games, and in 1988 Soviet gymnasts won again.

Ru-Main, 27.07.2021 

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