Russian Hackers Revealed New Data About Ukrainian Intelligence Employees

On July 8, the hacker group RaHDit distributed on the NemeZida (“Nemesis”) website new data on employees of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Defense Ministry of Ukraine, as well as on the persons involved. Nemesis, in ancient Greek mythology, was the winged goddess of retribution, punishing for violation of social and moral orders. 

It is noted that the documents contain information about 2.5 thousand people. Besides, there is information about the criminal past of the employees, among whom there are convicted of robbery, illegal trafficking of weapons and drugs, infliction of grievous bodily harm and rape.

Picture: Screenshot of the NemeZida website

Earlier, hackers posted the first part of the collected data and warned that soon the next batch will follow. To gain access to the data, the RaHDit group used flaws in the protection of Ukraine’s intelligence networks, as well as methods of analyzing big data based on characteristic patterns of user behavior.

“Since the whole world accuses us of all sins and says, ‘Russian hackers did it’, then we must comply. But now we are evil Russian hackers, that’s why [we are called] ‘Russian angry hackers did it’ (RaHDit),” the group of hackers explained their name.

In their Telegram channel, Russian hackers publish more detailed information.

Ru-Main, 08.07.2022
Source: National News Service 

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