Russian Hero: A Guy Got Assaulted in Moscow Metro for Defending a Girl [Video]

On October 4, on the Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line of the Moscow metro, three young men from Dagestan attacked one and ran out of the carriage while the ambulance was called to the beaten passenger. Law enforcement officers managed to identify the attackers by cameras. All three were promptly detained after one of them resisted and tried to attack a policeman with a knife. 

As specified, the criminal case involves Magamaali Khanmagomedov, Ibrahim Muslaev, and Gasan Zalibekov. All three are previously convicted natives of Dagestan. They were drunk at the time of the attack, RIA Novosti reports. Two of them have been tried for theft and beating people and in Moscow, they came, according to them, to earn some money.

Подозреваемые в нападении на Романа Ковалева в столичном метро. Оперативная съемка
Picture: RIA Novosti

The accused threatened the women present in the carriage and used obscene language. Kovalev made a remark to them that provoked the group to attack him and when he fell to the floor Zalibekov shouted that if someone tried to help, he would also be severely beaten.

Passengers reported the fight to the driver, and at the next station, the attackers ran out of the train and tried to hide on the street. Soon they were detained, while they threatened the police with a stationery knife and sprayed pepper spray.

The guy who was brutally beaten, Roman Kovalev, told that when the assault started, the carriage was full of people but no one stood up for him. As far as he remembers, the conflict began with the fact that a girl asked the noisy passengers to be quieter in a polite voice but the visitors got angry at her anyway. One of them started to offend the girl and Roman stood up for her.


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“I stood up, just so that he would shut his mouth. I didn’t do it aggressively,” the young man said.

Dagestanis immediately rushed to Roman and beat him so cruelly that broke almost whole his face. According to the victim, he barely remembers anything after the moment the attack started except the fact that his whole face was numb.

The Main Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia has been instructed to open a criminal case under the article “Attempted Murder” against the detainees, Izvestia reports. The decision was made after the actions of the men, against whom a criminal case was initially opened under the Articles 116 (“Beatings”) and 213 of the Criminal Code (“Hooliganism”), revealed signs of attempted murder from hooligan motives, which is evidenced by the actions of the attackers recorded on the video on which it’s seen that the men used wrestling techniques during the beating.

In addition, it is noted that during the detention, the attackers actively resisted law enforcement officers, in connection with which a case was initiated under Article 318 of the Criminal Code (“The Use of Violence Against a Representative of the Authorities”). By the decision of the court, the suspects were arrested for two months, the official Telegram channel of the Moscow Prosecutor’s Office reports.

Dagestan authorities condemned the behaviour of their natives noting that the whole nation should not be judged by separate persons.

“It is a pity that by the actions of such people, who are far from morality and moral guidelines, they can judge the inhabitants of our republic. We condemn this act and wish Roman Kovalev a fast recovery,” the Acting Head of Dagestan, Sergey Melikov, said.

The Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia, Alexander Bastrykin, instructed the personnel department to prepare the necessary documents for awarding Roman Kovalev for his active civic position and courage, “despite the numerical superiority on the part of the attackers”. For such heroic behaviour, the young man will be awarded the medal “For Valor and Courage”.

Бастрыкин лично наградил в больнице москвича, избитого в метро. Фото
Picture: URA RU

The hero was already visited by the Moscow mayor who reported on this on his Instagram.

“I visited Roman in the hospital, who was injured as a result of an attack by thugs in the subway. Thanked him for standing up for the girl. Roman is clearly already better. Doctors will do everything to fully restore his health, there is still an operation to be performed.

Thanks to the girl who helped detain the bandits. Thanks for the prompt work of the driver, the duty officer, and the police. I instructed the metro management to provide assistance to the injured passenger in the amount of two million rubles,” wrote Sergey Sobyanin in his Instagram post.

Roman himself was really surprised to get so much attention and even awards and financial support from the city authorities, Gazeta reports. He assumed that he would spend this money on a mortgage payment or a wedding.

“Perhaps it will be a mortgage payment, I have been dreaming of moving to Moscow for a very long time … Perhaps some of it will go to the wedding organization, I want to propose to my girlfriend, but I need to get over it first…” he said.

Roman was born in Voronezh. Not so long ago he has moved to Moscow and has been working there as a bartender in one of the most popular clubs in the city. The guy was actively visiting the gym to keep fit. As also became known, earlier, he served in the army.


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The users of social networks actively are commenting on Kovalev’s photos and wish him a fast recovery expressing gratitude for his courage.

Ru-Main, 12.10.2021
Source: 360TV 

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