Russian HR Experts Summed Up First Coronavirus Year Results

The specialists of the job search service studied about 2.4 million vacancies and about 2.5 million CVs published on the service from March 2020 to February 2021 and found out which professions became the most popular among employers and job seekers in the year of the coronavirus.  

According to the survey results, over the specified period, employers sought most for the workers in the transport and logistics sectors (23 per cent of all vacancies), manufacturing and agriculture (13 per cent), trade (12 per cent), office and business services (9 per cent), construction and real estate (9 per cent), as well as services sector (8 per cent). Among the applicants, the largest number of new CVs for the specified period were created in the industry of office and business services (17 per cent), transport and logistics (12 per cent), as well as in the services sector (11 per cent) and trade (10 per cent).

It is noted that with a general decrease in the activity of job seekers in the year of the pandemic, women were more likely to look for a new job than men (the number of new men’s CVs decreased by 27 per cent, and the number of women’s CVs fell by 20 per cent). The most active applicants were candidates aged 25-35 (29 per cent). Also, 25 per cent of CVs were created by applicants aged 35 to 45 and 45 to 65. Another 18 per cent of users started looking for work in the 18-25 age group.

Ru-Main, 08.04.2021 

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