Russian IT Specialists Prefer Interesting Projects to High Salary

Most Russian developers will prefer an interesting project to a high salary, TASS reports with reference to the research of the ‘All Cups’ platform for conducting online competitions.  

It is noted that the majority (79 per cent) of respondents are ready to give up a high salary for a while for the sake of working experience on a unique project or in an unusual industry. According to IT specialists, in Russia, this is more often offered in the field of financial (40.7 per cent) and space (37.8 per cent) technologies, as well as in healthcare (23.3 per cent) and retail (20.6 per cent).

In addition, it turned out that not only money can become a strong motivation for changing the direction of work (24 per cent). Half of the IT specialists surveyed (50.9 per cent) are convinced that the salary depends not on the field of their work, but on their professional level. Thus, 43 per cent of senior developers believe that their work should cost 150-200 thousand rubles a month and every fifth middle specialist estimates his work at 100-150 thousand rubles.

In the top list of the most popular industries among IT specialists, fintech appeared to be in the first place (24.8 per cent would like to work in the field of banking and finance), 15 per cent of respondents would like to find a job in the field of Russian space developments, 12.7 per cent of IT specialists are primarily considering vacancies in state corporations, and a bit more than 7 per cent would like to join a retail company or get involved in educational technologies.

Interestingly, when choosing vacancies abroad, Russian IT specialists usually pay attention to work in the banking sector (27.9 per cent), while only 11 per cent of developers are interested in the space industry or the education sector (12.2 per cent).

Ru-Main, 16.09.2021 

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