Russian Kamila Valieva Won Short Programme at Winter Olympics

At the women’s single figure skating tournament in Beijing, according to the results of the short programme, the first place is taken by the Russian athlete Kamila Valieva (82.16). The second is another Russian Anna Shcherbakova (80.20) and the third place is occupied by Japanese Kaori Sakamoto (79.84). And one more Russian, Alexandra Trusova, took fourth place (74.60).

Picture: Championat

All three Russian athletes competed in the final warm-up. Valieva was the first of the Russian team on the ice. The tense atmosphere influenced her performance and she lost her balance when performing the triple axel, though she did not fall, only touched the ice with her hands. Solo triple flip and cascade triple lutz-triple toe loop Kamila made with no mistakes. Thus, the athlete scored 82.16 points.

Alexandra Trusova also went to the triple axel but fell from this jump. The other elements were executed well, so she got 74.60 points. Anna Shcherbakova did not make a single mistake today: double axel, solo triple flip and cascade triple lutz-triple toe loop made her receive 80.20 points.

And still, the main fight is ahead – the free programme will take place on February 17, starting at 1 pm Moscow time. The Russian national team currently ranks ninth (4-7-9), as well as second in the total number of awards (20). The first three places are occupied by Norway (12-7-7), Germany (8-5-2), and the USA (7-6-4).

Ru-Main, 15.02.2022
Source: OblGazeta

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