Russian Labour Market Results 2020

The job search service together with the SberIndex analytical service prepared a study on the state of the Russian labour market in January-November 2020. It turned out that in Q3 2020, 36% of employers had partially restored pre-crisis indicators, while 16% of survey participants fully restored their business after the coronavirus restrictions were lifted in the country.  

It is noted that by the end of Q3 2020, telecommuting has become a more familiar format for Russians, so that 25% of the country’s residents are always ready to work remotely. Compared to November 2019, 44% more offers with remote work are open now, and the number of job seekers’ CVs for this type of work has increased 2.3 times.

Among the most needed specialists were experts in marketing and advertising (the demand grew by 86%), IT and telecom (by 73%), and in the field of finance and insurance (by 80%). It is also stated that the number of vacancies in the service sector increased by 55%, and in the field of beauty and health by 32%.

It is specified that residents of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Krasnodar, and Nizhny Novgorod were most actively looking for work in 2020. Compared to last year, a positive growth rate of CVs was recorded in Moscow (+21%), Novosibirsk (+38%), and Krasnodar (+15%). The most popular jobs in Moscow in 2020 were taxi driver, stacker, and picker. In St. Petersburg, employers most often looked for loaders, cleaners, and stackers.

Ru-Main, 22.12.2020

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