Russian Large-Scale Exercises Ended in Pacific Ocean

The Pacific Fleet of Russia has completed large-scale anti-submarine exercises, in which more than 40 ships and 20 aircraft took part, according to the press service of the country’s Ministry of Defense. 

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As specified, the training took place from June 3 to 10 under the leadership of the Commander of the Pacific Fleet, Admiral Sergei Avakyants.

“The grouping of forces of the Pacific Fleet has completed the tasks as part of a planned exercise in the far sea zone. During the practical actions in the Pacific Ocean, the group of the Pacific Fleet performed more than 300 combat exercises, 170 of which were with the practical use of weapons,” the report says.

In the final of the exercise, the frigate Marshal Shaposhnikov, large and small anti-submarine ships, corvettes actively interacted with the naval aviation of the fleet. To detect submarines, long-range anti-submarine aircraft Tu-142mz, anti-submarine aircraft Il-38 and Il-38N were used, which placed sonar buoys in the areas of submarines of the “enemy”.

Further, the ships as part of tactical groups improved the organization of collective air defense with the execution of a series of artillery firings from 100-mm artillery installations A-190 and AK-630M. The culmination of the naval battle was the testing of the use of high-precision sea-based weapons by a detachment of “enemy” ships. The sailors worked out the entire algorithm of actions, except for the actual launch of cruise missiles.

Ru-Main, 10.06.2022
Source: RIA Novosti 

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