Russian Largest Companies Signed First-Ever Code of Ethics for Artificial Intelligence

Several large Russian organizations that have a significant impact on the country’s digital industry have signed the AI Code of Ethics yesterday, on October 26. The signing took place at the TASS Moscow office as part of the first international forum “Ethics of Artificial Intelligence: the Beginning of Trust”.  

Picture: TASS

The authors of the Code were the Alliance for AI together with the Analytical Centre under the Government of Russia and the Ministry of Economic Development (joining the Code is voluntary). The document is divided into two sections, which include topics such as stimulating the development of AI, raising awareness about the ethics of using AI, identifying AI in communication with humans, information security and others.

As specified, the Code establishes general ethical principles and standards of behaviour that should guide participants in relations in the field of AI in their activities. The Code applies to the ethical aspects of the creation (design, construction, piloting), implementation and use of AI technologies at all stages of the life cycle, which are currently not regulated by the Russian legislation.

The Code was already signed by Sberbank, Gazprom Neft, Yandex, VK, MTS and the Russian Direct Investment Fund, which are members of the alliance, as well as representatives of Skolkovo, Rostelecom, Rosatom, InfoWatch, CIAN and others. It is stressed that for the first time, a mobile signature of the State Key was used when signing agreements.

Ru-Main, 27.10.2021
Source: TASS 

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