Russian Lawyer Analysed Best Dates for Vacation

The best time for employers to send employees on vacation is at the end of January, after long holidays, and in August, when there is not so much work to be done. At the same time, an employer has the right to draw up a vacation schedule for the year ahead, so for an employee, it is better to plan a vacation in advance, Prime reports. 

It is noted that traditionally, the best time for any vacation is the summer season when a person can take trips around Russia. Thus, the most working season in Russia traditionally lasts from September to December and from March to May.

According to the General Director of the Urvista Law Firm, Aleksei Petropolsky, it is beneficial for an employer to send people on vacation during the period of the lowest workload, which is usually August. At this time, many companies work in an eased mode, so an employer will easily give a vacation this month.

It is specified that this year, according to a survey by the Public Opinion Foundation, more than a third of Russians do not plan to go on vacation until the end of the year, while every 4th is going to take a trip. Another 12% of respondents said that this year they work without any vacation, 8% have already been on vacation and are not going to have another one, and 7% have had the vacation and are going to have one more.

Ru-Main, 25.07.2020 

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