Russian Men Named Best Age for Marriage

Russian men consider the age of 25 to be the most suitable for marriage, according to the study conducted by the NAFI analytical centre. The experts interviewed 1.6 thousand people in 53 regions of Russia. The majority of male participants stated that the optimal age for fatherhood is 27. 

It is noted that young men (18-34 years old) more often than representatives of the older generation are ready to do household chores and raise children on an equal basis with women. In general, most Russian men believe that household chores should be divided equally between spouses and both parents should take care of their children.

At the same time, Russians are sure that children must be raised without severity. Among the men surveyed, 49 per cent believe that different methods should be used, and 44 per cent consider upbringing without aggression to be much better.

Also, a survey of men showed that most of them (87 per cent) are not ready to go on maternity leave. Only 1 per cent of the study participants expressed a desire to fully take over the upbringing of children. Representatives of blue-collar professions are most often ready to try maternity leave.

Ru-Main, 30.10.2020 

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