Russian Military Music Festival Gathered Foreign Participants on Red Square

Yesterday, on August 26, a closed opening of the International Military Music Festival “Spasskaya Tower” was held on Red Square in Moscow. It was organized for media representatives, employees of foreign embassies, social and veteran organizations, disabled people’s societies, socially unprotected families, children from orphanages, and cadet educational institutions, the official website of the event reports.  

It is specified that this year military orchestras of 5 countries take part in the festival, namely, Russia, Belarus, Greece, Mexico, and Qatar.

Picture: Qatar Representatives

Russia is presented by the Presidential Orchestra, the Central Military Band of the Ministry of Defence of Russia, the Orchestra of Moscow Military Music School named after Suvorov in tandem with the Drummers’ Ensemble of the Russian Defence Ministry Boarding School, the Central Band of the Federal Security Service of Russia, the Exemplary Orchestra of the Troops of the National Guard of Russia, the Kremlin Equestrian School, the Moscow Cossack Choir and others.

Picture: Greek Representatives

The main theme of this year’s Festival was such concepts as Time, Music, and Peace, as these are things that can cheer you up, heal the soul, give people hope when the COVID-19 pandemic is raging in the world, destroying the usual way of life.

Picture: Mexico Representatives

Yesterday, on August 26, 1,200 military musicians showed their performances on Red Square. They presented viewers with ancient marches, waltzes, drill techniques with carbines and checkers, as well as various dances of the peoples of the world. The People’s Artist of Russia, Tamara Gverdtsiteli, became the honoured guest of the event and sang with accompaniment of the Central Military Band of the Ministry of Defence of Russia. At the end of the show, there was a grand salute.

Picture: Austrian Representatives

Today, on August 27, the official opening of the Festival will take place. The events’ programme is prepared until September 5. Today’s programme includes a performance of the Kremlin Equestrian School (at 2 pm), a performance of the Cavalry Escort of the Presidential Regiment (at 6.30 pm), and at 8 pm there will start a solemn ceremony in honour of the opening of the festival. The military orchestra of Tyrol, as well as the orchestras of the armed forces of Belarus, Greece, Qatar, and Mexico, will be presented there. In addition, an exciting programme was prepared by the Central Band of the Border Guard Service. Tickets for the event cost from 1,800 to 3,900 rubles and can be bought on the official website of the event.

Picture: Belarus Representatives

A lot of outstanding personalities and ensembles await for Muscovites and guests of the capital on other days as well. The ‘Turetsky Choir’ will appear on Red Square on September 1 together with the art band ‘Soprano’ performing their “Unity Songs”. These songs were first presented to the public during the marathon that started in spring in Asia and continued in Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Austria, Spain, and other countries.

The show of the ‘Hidalgo Ranch’ can be seen on August 31, September 1 and 2 in the daytime, as well as on September 3 in the daytime. The ‘Hidalgo Ranch’ is Russia’s leading farm for breeding American miniature horses. The ranch is also famous for its exclusive horse show with Andalusian horses. For more than five years, the owner of the ranch, Elena Chistyakova, has been importing the best representatives of the Pura Rasa Espanola breed from Spain and trains them together with her team.

Picture: Smi.Today

Later, on September 4 and 5, the German vocalist and frontman of the metal bands Rammstein and Lindemann, Till Lindemann, will perform on Red Square.

Ru-Main, 27.08.2021, Pictures: Festival’s Official Website  

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