Russian Military Vehicles Train Extreme Driving

The skills of extreme driving on the “Tiger” and “Typhoon” armoured vehicles were trained near Novosibirsk by servicemen of Russian special forces of the Central Military District, the press service of Russian Ministry of Defence reports. About 500 servicemen and more than 30 units of military equipment were involved in training.  

Picture: Russian Ministry of Defence Official Website

It is noted that the drivers of combat vehicles performed counter-emergency training exercises on the snow-covered track of the autodrome which is more than 10 km long. The route passed through a wooded area and included obstacles such as a track bridge, a track in a mine-explosion barrier, an anti-tank ditch, steep ascents and descents, areas with the icy ground and loose snow.

To create a real battle environment, most of the manoeuvring elements were carried out under the means of imitation, such as blank ammunition, explosive packages, and smoke bombs. The equipment was controlled at the maximum permissible speed, and in the event of armoured vehicles leaving for a skid, the servicemen had to quickly and correctly respond to the situation.

Ru-Main, 26.02.2021  

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