Russian Minor Entrepreneurs Offered Taxes Refund

Stanislav Kudzh, the rector of the Russian Technological University MIREA, came up with an initiative to reimburse the taxes paid by underage entrepreneurs which they can spend on education, RT reports. 

“We ask you to consider the possibility of a full refund of taxes paid by underage entrepreneurs (self-employed and individual entrepreneurs) for receiving state-accredited educational services upon reaching the age of 18,” says a letter sent to the Head of the Federal Tax Service (FTS) Daniil Egorov.

It is specified that young people can spend these funds to pay for educational programmes, courses and other educational services, which will stimulate the activity of independent youth. It is expected that entrepreneurship during adolescence will enable young people to apply their knowledge and experience when dealing with personal startups and business ideas.

Ru-Main, 15.01.2021 

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