Russian Minors Mostly Welcomed in Big Companies

Russian large companies are ready to hire minors, according to the specialists of the SuperJob job search service. This is stated during the study of the opinions of 1,000 HR managers from all districts of the country.  

According to the study results, 5% of Russian companies hire minors. Another 11% of employers can take minors only for internships. In turn, the majority of companies (81%) are not ready to employ teenagers anyway. They explain their position by the difficult process of arranging and administering the work of adolescents.

It is specified that most often, minors are employed by large companies with over 1,000 employees ( 26 per cent). Also, there are more employers who are ready to employ adolescents in the fields of information technology and services (7 per cent each), while the least is in construction (2 per cent) and transport and logistics (almost absent). IT companies are more likely than others to take minors for internships (13 per cent for internship).

Ru-Main, 16.07.2021 

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