Russian Morning: How People Sleep and Wake Up in Russia

A survey of the All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion showed that the half of the Russians sleep soundly and feel cheerful in the morning, RIA News reports.

According to the study, on average, Russians sleep at night for 7 hours. 53% of Russians fall asleep easily, and 42% cannot fall asleep for a long. At night only 50% of the respondents sleep soundly and do not wake up, 46% wake up often; 53% wake up easily in the morning and feel well, while for 43% of people it takes much time to wake up.

It is noted that recently 52% of the surveyed Russians wake up neither in a bad nor in a good mood,  34% are cheerful in the morning, and only 11% wake up depressed. The survey is based on the results of the answers of 1.6 thousand Russians aged 18 and more. The survey method is a telephone interview on a random sample of numbers.

Ru-Main, 12.03.2020

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