Russian Museum “Reconstructs” Leningrad Expressionism

An exhibition entitled “Echo of Expressionism. The art of Leningrad in the middle – second half of the 20th century”, reports St. Petersburg Affiche Website. The exhibition will continue its work until March 9, 2020. 

Picture: St. Petersburg Regional Website

The Russian Museum promises to “reconstruct” Leningrad expressionism. According to museum workers, Leningrad was made a stronghold of expressionism by life itself, by its history. The vanguard of the 1910s was not accessible to many, and war, blockade, repression became the impetus for a new round of expressionism. The drama of the parallel existence of “official” and “non-official” art and the need to comprehend fresh historical experience have become fertile ground for this difficult style.

The exhibition looks like a logical continuation of the series of timing, dedicated to the “great styles” in Russian art, which are symbolism, impressionism, neoclassicism, expressionism. The exposition will include the works of G. Traugot, K. Simun, A. Ignatiev, A. Arefiev, V. Shagin, E. Mikhnov-Voitenko, E. Moiseenko, M. Shemyakin, G. Ustyugov, O. Kotelnikov and others.

Ru-Main, 23.01.2020

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