Russian National Guard Showed Regular Training in Nizhny Novgorod [Video]

On March 27, Russia celebrates the 210th anniversary of the security forces and the 5th anniversary of the Russian Guard, created on the basis of special forces, the NewsNN correspondents report. In honour of the special day, the Nizhny Novgorod fighters showed where and how they conduct their training.  

First of all, the Russian Guards showed an armoured personnel carrier (BTR-80) and a Tiger vehicle, which are used in hostilities, and the UAZ-3160 SUV which is usually taken to patrol the area.

Further, the correspondents were shown a diving station based on a brigade KAMAZ car. It has a four-berth compartment, a shower room and a compressor for charging cylinders. Such a station, for example, was used to search for a shell in a river.

Then the journalists were shown a shooting range where the fighters hone their practical shooting skills and elements of hostage release. It is specified that the room allows opening fire at a distance of up to 100 metres.

In addition, the riot police showed how they neutralize criminals on railroad transport. The action took place under the control of snipers located on a hill.

Then, the guards showed the work of the high-altitude workers, whose services they use when storming the building.

In turn, the canine service explained that a service dog must immediately respond to commands. That day, on March 24, a dog named Demon was involved in the exercise. He is engaged in the search and detention of violators, as well as the search for things.

As for the special forces museum, it contains items that law enforcement officers confiscated from sports fans during matches. Often, malefactors brought into the stadium a scrap wrapped in newspaper, scarves of football clubs soaked in hazardous substances, wristbands and spiked belts that were used as edged weapons.

Ru-Main, 27.03.2021, Pictures: Nizhny Novgorod Regional Website 

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