Russian National Team Defeated Finland and Reached World Junior Championship’s Final

The Russian national ice hockey team defeated the Finnish team and made it to the final of the World Junior Ice Hockey Championship, RIA Novosti reports. The meeting took place in the American Frisco and ended with a score of 6:5 in favour of Russians. 

Picture: RIA Novosti

It is clarified that the puck was scored by Daniil Lazutin (4th minute), Matvey Michkov (7th minute), Nikita Chibrikov (34th and 38th minutes), and Ivan Miroshnichenko (44th and 51st minutes).

The forward of the Russian junior ice hockey team, Ivan Miroshnichenko, was recognized as the best player in the semifinal stage of the World Championship after a fan vote. On the official Twitter account of the International Ice Hockey Federation fans choose the hero of the day between the Russian and the forward of the Canadian team, Conor Roulette, who scored the last goal in the match with the Swedes (8:1).

It is noted that Miroshnichenko, who scored a double in the semifinals with the Finns and was recognized as a player of the meeting, gained 51.4 per cent of the votes. Now he has 8 points in 6 matches of the tournament.

Ru-Main, 07.05.2021 

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