Russian National Team Defeated Finns at Euro 2020 Match

The Russian national team beat Finland in the second match of the group stage of the European Football Championship. The meeting held in St. Petersburg ended with a score of 1:0, Esquire reports. The only goal in the 45th minute of the match was scored by Aleksey Miranchuk. 

Thanks to the outcome of this match, the Russian team scored three points and caught up with the national teams of Finland and Belgium. The Denmark national team closes the table with a score of 0 points. In the next match, on 17 June, the Belgians will face the Danish team.

It is also reminded that Euro 2020 started on June 11 and will run until July 11. In the final round, the Russian national team will play on June 21 against the Danes in Copenhagen, while the Finns in St. Petersburg will meet with the Belgians.

Ru-Main, 17.06.2021 

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