Russian New Law on Winemaking Came Into Force

The Federal Law on Viticulture and Winemaking entered into force in Russia on June 26, mir24 reports. The law will determine what can be considered Russian wine, as well as protect consumers from counterfeiting. 

According to the new law, the wine produced in Russia, but from imported raw materials, will not be considered wine. The drink which came from another country in the world to Russia and is bottled on the territory of the country will be labeled as not wine, but “wine drink”. It is also noted that 70 per cent of what was previously produced as wine in Russia will now stand in stores on a separate shelf. Now the label will indicate the grade, field, and year of the grape harvest, so consumers will understand where the wine was made. A slight increase in prices is not excluded, but from now on buyers will have no doubt that they take the original Russian wine.

Ru-Main, 26.06.2020

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