Russian Official Named Main Sales Markets of Country’s Gold  

The Middle East, India, and Asia can become the three main markets for Russian gold, the Head of the Ministry of Regional Development, Alexei Chekunkov, said in an interview with RIA Novosti. 

According to the Minister, there is a high demand for Russian gold, which remains the keeper of values in international financial circulation for central banks, business, and the population.

He noted that the main problem of gold miners is not the refusal to buy metal, but the infrastructure of financial settlements. According to Chekunkov, it is vulnerable due to the fact that Russia has been using the currencies of third countries for too long.

Over time, the system of using national currencies will be set up, various financial instruments will be used for trouble-free settlements, the Minister assures.

“We are in constant dialogue with the largest exporters of these goods, they have already set everything up. There is definitely demand, and the infrastructure and mechanics will catch up,” Chekunkov concluded.

Ru-Main, 01.09.2022
Source: RIA Novosti 

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