Russian Officials Calculated Russian Cars Localization Level

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia has calculated the level of localization of all models of passenger cars produced in the country in 2020, Vedomosti reports. This data is needed to control the fulfilment of the terms of the “industrial assembly” and special investment contracts.   

The degree of localization implies the share of Russian-made components and assemblies, as well as technological operations. According to calculations, the “most domestic” are Lada Largus and Lada Granta, which scored 3,280 points each. The originally domestic Lada 4×4 (“Niva”) scored 3,260 points and Lada Vesta scored 3,200 points.

It is also noted that UAZ vehicles got 2,216 points for localization, Renault cars 2,149 points, Nissan crossovers produced in St. Petersburg 1,500 points. The lowest degree of localization was found in screwdriver-assembled cars, namely BMW, Hyundai, and KIA produced in Kaliningrad (50 points each), as well as Mazda of Far East production (20 points).

Ru-Main, 19.01.2021 

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