Russian Perfumers Developed Fragrance of Fifth Generation Fighter Jet [Video]

Russian perfumers have developed perfumes with the smell of the 5th generation fighter Checkmate with notes of glass and metals, as reported by the press service of the Rostec State Corporation. 

В России создан парфюм с запахом истребителя Checkmate
Picture: Rostec

The fragrance was created especially for the international premiere of the prototype aircraft at the Dubai Airshow 2021. The 50 ml perfume bottle is made in the form of a black chess knight – the Checkmate symbol. The bottom of the cylindrical bottle is decorated with a notch imitating the blades of a jet engine turbine. The box is stylized as a chessboard, reminding of the slogan “Turn the Chessboard”.

Rostec’s partner was the Guild of Perfumers of Russia. The fragrance notes combine the smells of glass, genuine leather and metals used in the design of the fuselage, engines and cockpit of the aircraft. According to Rostec, the perfumers used original samples of metal alloys, glass and leather trim of the fighter cabin in combination with light shades of juniper, patchouli and oak moss.

It is reminded that the Checkmate light tactical fighter was developed on the basis of the Su-57, while its architecture is left open and can be adapted to the needs of specific customers, with the possibility of transformation into an unmanned model.

Picture: Interfax

Ru-Main, 17.11.2021
Source: Rostec 

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