Russian Philologist Explained Changes in Language Appeared During Pandemic

The National Research University professor, Maksim Krongauz, explained what changes the coronavirus pandemic made in the Russian language, Nation News reports. The scientist said that the new words are divided into three directions. 

“The first is administrative and medical terminology. Medical terms are primarily the names of the virus: “coronavirus”, “COVID”. And administrative terms: “quarantine,” “self-isolation,” “social distance,” Krongauz said.

The second direction includes everyday words, such as “corona” which is in Russian “a crown”, “udalenka” (“remote work”), “barbecue”. In the third line, the so-called play words like “covidiot” or “coronials”. According to the professor, if a pandemic ends soon, all words will completely disappear.

Ru-Main, 27.05.2020

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