Russian Popular Music Group Released New Video

The Russian rave group ‘Little Big’ presented a video for the song “SEX MACHINE”. In 8 hours, the video got almost a million views and at the moment, that is in a day, it got over 2 million views. According to the plot of the new video, the members of the group first appear in the images of the heroes of the movie “Men in Black”, then as truck drivers, and later in the style of disco dancers from the 80s. 

It was planned that ‘Little Big’ will represent Russia at Eurovision 2021. However, the leader of the group, Ilya Prusikin, said on the air of Channel One, which is engaged in the selection of a participant, about his refusal to participate. He said that now their new song can be compared to a song that has already won the selection once. He also expressed the opinion that there are enough good singers in the country who has not passed the selection yet.

Ru-Main, 09.03.2021 

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