Russian Post Launched Marketplace in Mobile Application

Russian Post is launching beta testing of a product showcase in a mobile application. The partner on the project will be the online store with an assortment of 2 million goods. The beta testing is available for no more than 15% of mobile app users on iOS and Android for now. Within a month, the project is planned to be scaled to 100% of the audience. 

Picture: Rostov Regional Website

The Russian Post mobile application is rapidly gaining popularity. Since January 2020, the number of its active users has grown by 16% and is 3.6 million people per week. It is noted that despite the testing mode, the showcase offers the full functionality of the product marketplace. Orders can be received at the Russian Post offices and by courier delivery.

It is specified that the showcase is available to all users (on the iOS platform, a user will need to update the version of the mobile application, while on Android, the access to the section will appear automatically).

Ru-Main, 22.09.2020 

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