Russian Post Service to Test Electric Truck in Urban Delivery

“Russian Post” intends to test the electric truck of the company Drive Electro, designed for the transportation of parcels and letters in Moscow. As reported by the Russian postal giant on May 12, the electric truck will be tested for urban delivery from sorting centers to branches. 


As specified, the load capacity of the machine with an electric drive is 4 tons, the maximum speed is 110 km/h, and the power reserve is 400 km empty and 250 km at full load. At the same time, charging of a cargo electric car can occur in two modes: standard and fast. The time of full charge of the battery with standard charging is 2 hours, and with fast charging, 1 hour.

In addition, the specialists will analyze the reduction of environmental impact, as well as “noise pollution” from an electric truck, taking into account the location of some offices in a residential area. According to Sergey Sergushev, Deputy General Director for Logistics of the Russian Post, the company’s fleet already has several electric trucks from different manufacturers that are being tested there in the field.

“Now we will be able to compare electric cars not only with classic diesel and gas trucks, but also with each other. We will get a more detailed picture of the capabilities and potential of different manufacturers, as well as understand how existing electric vehicles can solve the tasks of the Russian Post,” Sergushev said.

Ru-Main, 12.05.2022
Source: Izvestia 

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