Russian President Emphasized That Democracy Can’t be Imposed by Force 

Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has called the situation in Afghanistan that followed the Western troop withdrawal a “catastrophe”, saying that democracy couldn’t be imposed by force, Sputnik reports. Speaking at a plenary session of the Eastern Economic Forum, Putin said that if people needed democracy it will come to them naturally. 

“The United Nations Organisation and its Security Council, including the permanent five members, should be responsible for order in the world,” Putin said.

In addition, the Russian President stated that many radical movements that currently operate in Afghanistan pose a threat to Russia’s neighbours and allies.

“The Taliban movement itself is nonhomogeneous, although it mainly consists of Pashtun tribes, it is quite obvious, […], and there are many representatives of other organizations in Afghanistan today, including extreme ones, ISIS and so on. Many people have been released from prison, as you just said. Moreover, radical elements,” the President said on the Eastern Economic Forum.

Putin added that the sooner the Taliban join the so-called “family of civilized peoples”, the easier it will be to communicate, have influence, and ask questions. The President called on world powers to join efforts in making decisions regarding the legalisation of political forces in Afghanistan, as he was asked himself whether Russia would recognise the Taliban, which is currently considered a terrorist organisation in the country.

Ru-Main, 03.09.2021 

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