Russian President Helps Children’s New Year Wishes Come True

On Wednesday, December 15, Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke by phone with a schoolgirl from the Stavropol Territory, Tatyana Trotsenko, whose dream he helped to fulfil – the girl had a wish to attend the “Swan Lake” ballet at the Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg. The President invited the girl to come to Moscow to watch an ice show on the same topic.  

Picture: Nation News

The Head of State took part in the All-Russian “Christmas Wish Tree” action and chose three balloons with the wishes of the children, which he was ready to fulfil. Among them was the dream of 13-year-old Tatyana. As the government of the region reported, the schoolgirl visited the ballet this Tuesday, December 14, 2021.

Shortly after, Putin had a phone call with the girl during which he asked her about the experience and explained she and her mother watched the play from a special box, which used to be called the Grand-ducal and was considered the lodge of the royal family. The Head of State also asked the girl about her passion for dancing.

“If you consult with your mother now and decide that this suits you and you are interested in it, I have another suggestion […] If you have a wish and time, then you can make your trip to Moscow so that you can watch Swan Lake figure skating too,” Putin offered.

According to the authorities, Tatyana is the eldest child in a large family. In January of this year, she was diagnosed with a serious illness and is currently undergoing treatment in St. Petersburg. The girl graduated from a choreographic school, entered a music school, and is fond of ballet.

“I would like to wish you good health in the new year, a good mood, and all the best. I’m hugging you. Good luck. Have a safe trip to Moscow,” Putin said.

This is not the first good deed of the Russian President. Just recently another child, a boy from Yakutia, received a cow, which he asked for in the summer during a direct line with the President.

Мальчику из Якутии передали корову, которую он попросил у Путина
Picture: RIA Novosti

The Ministry of Agriculture of Yakutia clarified that Aleksei Sokolnikov‘s call from the village of Arylakh in the Churapchinsky district did not get on the air of the direct line, but it was redirected to the department. It took several months to resolve the issue, as due to the inaccurately specified address of the boy, they had to search all over the republic. The head of Yakutia, Aisen Nikolaev, phoned Alyosha during his business trip to Churapchinsky ulus.

“I spoke with Alexey today, he thanked everyone for such attention to his request. The whole Sokolnikov family is very happy about the appearance of a new cow […] Most families in the uluses of Yakutia live on a subsidiary farm. And his desire to help his parents is understandable,” Nikolaev said.

In addition, the Sokolnikov family will also have their living conditions improved. As it turned out, the boy lives with his aunt and her son. Four years ago their house burned down. So, the issue was taken under personal control by the acting Head of Churapchinsky ulus Stepan Sargydaev.

Ru-Main, 15.12.2021 
Source: RIA Novosti 

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