Russian Priest Explained Meaning of Easter Food

Easter dishes, coloured eggs and Easter cakes, are only symbolic food but faith in God is the most important for the salvation of a Christian’s soul, RIA News reports with reference to the practising emergency doctor, hieromonk Theodorit (Senchukov). 

“The fact is that all these ritual dishes – cottage cheese Easter cakes, Easter cakes, coloured eggs – are symbols, this is not something obligatory […]. It is obligatory to believe in God, take communion and confess, be baptized – this is obligatory. And the food – it, as the Scripture says, does not bring us closer to God and does not move us away from Him,” Theodorit said.

The hieromonk explained that Christians eat coloured eggs for Easter because they symbolize “the beginning of life”. It was the egg that was presented by the disciple of Christ Mary Magdalene to the unbelieving emperor Tiberius, and then it itself was painted red in his hands.

Ru-Main, 01.05.2021 

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