Russian Programmers Would Like to Go Into Space

On the eve of Cosmonautics Day, which is traditionally celebrated in Russia on April 12, specialists from the SuperJob job search service interviewed Russians to find out their attitude to space flights. According to the study results, 31 per cent of country residents would like to go into space, while 57 per cent do not.  

Men are more likely to admit their desire to fly into space than women (38 per cent versus 24 per cent). In addition, the higher the income of the respondents, the more often they dream of space: 25 per cent of Russians with an income of up to 30 thousand rubles and 36 per cent of those surveyed with an income of 80 thousand rubles. Also, among those wishing to see space with their own eyes, there are more young people (35 per cent of Russians under 34 years old and 22 per cent among Russians over 45 years old).

Besides, experts found out that programmers, engineers, and technicians (46 per cent each), analysts (45 per cent), purchasing managers (44 per cent), skilled workers (38 per cent), and system administrators (37 per cent) most often dream of flying into space, while less often such a dream have nurses (14 per cent), lawyers and HR managers (23 per cent each), call centre operators, logistics managers and drivers (24 per cent each).

Ru-Main, 06.04.2021 

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