Russian Prominent Businessman Admitted Wagner Group Creation in 2014

Russian businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin admitted that in 2014 he created a group that later was called “Wagner Group”. His response to the journalist of the “Bloknot” news agency was published on the VK page of his “Concord” company. 

“I, like many other businessmen, went to the training grounds where the ‘cossacks’ gathered, and tried to spend money to recruit a group that would go and protect the Russians. But I realized very quickly that among all these ‘cossacks’ and other paramilitary comrades, half are scammers, and half were those who took money, hired volunteers and sent them naked and barefoot to real death,” the businessman said.

According to Prigozhin, then he took up this issue himself and found specialists who could help. He clarified that the group, which later became known as BTG Wagner (battalion tactical group), appeared on May 1, 2014.

“It was solely thanks to their bravery and courage that the liberation of the Lugansk airport and many other territories became possible, and the fate of the LPR and the DPR radically changed,” he continued.

The entrepreneur noted that since then many have tried to find dirt on the group. However, Prigozhin stressed that he was proud that he managed to defend the right of the guys to defend the interests of their country.

“There were hard and very hard times, when every mutt tried to spray his saliva on them, and as you know, on me as well, attributing us all non-existent big and small sins,” Prigozhin added.

He called the “Wagner” fighters heroes who defended the peoples of Syria and other Arab countries, disadvantaged Africans and Latin Americans and became one of the pillars of their Motherland.

Prigozhin called the main purpose of denying his official involvement in the group the desire to protect “guys who are the basis of Russian patriotism” from additional problems.

Besides, Prigozhin confirmed to RTVI that his son Pavel is participating in the special military operation (“SVO”) as part of the group.

“Yes, he participates in the SVO, but I do not see the need to disclose the details of what tasks he performs. Come to Donbass, ask him yourself,” Prigozhin said.

Earlier, the businessman said that his son “served his term in the army at the age of 18” and has since then been involved in various military conflicts as part of the “Wagner Group”.

Ru-Main, 26.09.2022
Source: RIA Novosti 

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